Talk less. Teach more!
By Pearl Nitsche
Target: All - Teachers of all levels AND Administrators
Theme: Classroom management
We talk and talk ... and often we are frustrated because our students aren't really listening. Learn how to manage the classroom and get your students' attention nonverbally so that you can use your voice to do what you became a teacher to do - to teach!.
Pearl Nitsche is an American, who has lived and worked in Vienna, Austria for over 30 years. She has specialized in nonverbal management techniques and brain friendly learning. She is a communication trainer, a trainer of teachers and trainers, foreign language facilitator, international conference speaker and author of three books.

SLL Pearl Nitsche KG
Lights, Camera, Photostory3: Let's Create Digital Stories
By Duysevi Miyar
Target: ALL
Theme: Integration of technology into the curriculum
Make the curriculum come alive with project based learning using Photo Story 3! Let's learn how to create a digital story with PhotoStory 3 in four easy steps and see samples of how to use and integrate Photostory 3 into your curriculum.
Duysevi Karan-Miyar is an Educational Specialist in Instructional Technology and Distance Education. She is a Curriculum Development and Support Specialist at the Division of Bilingual Education in Miami Dade County Public Schools District. One of her main interests includes designing projects that integrate technology into the curriculum.
Miami Dade County Public Schools
Classroom Management Through Cooperative Games
By Gladys Nora Contrafatto & Carolina Miraval
Target: Anyone interested
Theme: Classroom management/games
Our students need cooperative games to experience the full range of human interaction. Play is fundamental to development. With this type of games, people play with one another rather than against one another. They play to overcome challenges. The games are designed so that cooperation among players is necessary to achieve the objective set. In the process, they learn in a fun way how to become more considerate, more aware of how other people are feeling and more willing to operate in everybody’s best interest. As a result, we have a class of leaders being in charge of their learning process.
Gladys N. Contrafatto is a graduate teacher of English from INSPT (UTN), language III lecturer and Master Practitioner in NLP applied to education. She is Head of the English department at Lujan de los Patriotas School. She has worked as a language teacher at all levels for twenty four years now. She is the co-founder and Academic Director of UpHill Idiomas. She is co-creator and author of five Teacher’s Resource Packs, Cooperative Tools and books for the teaching of English at all ages and levels applying NLP Cooperative Learning and Multiple Intelligences in the classroom through games.

Carolina Miraval is a graduate teacher of English from INSPT (UTN). She has taught General and Business English for almost 20 years at school, international firms and has trained people of all ages and levels. She is the co-founder and commercial director of UpHill Idiomas. She is co-creator and author of five Teacher’s Resource Packs, Cooperative Tools and books for the teaching of English at all ages and levels applying NLP Cooperative Learning and Multiple Intelligences in the classroom through games.
UpHill Idiomas
Develop speaking skills with multisensory games!
By Agnes Chavez
Target: All teachers
Theme: Speaking methodologies
This unique teaching methodology incorporates a multi-sensory approach to learning a second language. Through art, music and games, the diverse learning modalities of your class are ad- dressed and children develop reading, writing, comprehension and oral language skills. Interactive, research-based strategies and activities will be demonstrated. Preschool through 5th grade.
Agnes Chavez is a Cuban-American artist and curriculum developer and has worked as an educator since 1988. She started an after-school program for teaching Spanish to children called Sube Learning Language thru Art, Music & Games. It was then developed into a full curriculum and is being used nationwide in the US. In 2004 Sube was adapted to teach ESL or EFL students.
Sube, Inc.
Overcoming Fossilization in Speaking and Writing
By Cori Weiner
Target: Teachers of varying experience
Theme: Speaking and Grammar methodologies
In this session, the speaker recommends concrete ways to help students get 'unstuck' in speaking and writing. Specifically, difficulties in grammar and vocabulary are addressed. Creative correction techniques are explored for issues particular to the individual student and the class as a whole.
Currently an ESL instructor at Boston University, Cori Weiner holds an M.A. in Slavic Linguistics from the University of California at Los Angeles and a B.A. from Cornell University. Drawing on her experience learning Russian, she has given talks on her creative techniques both at home and abroad.

Value oriented leadership
By Hilda Fanta-Scheiner
Target: Experienced teachers and ELT managers
Theme: Leadership
What is it that leads to success, professional top results and the fulfillment of financial dreams? The lecture presents interviews with leading personalities of economy, sport, religion, politics, jurisdiction,... revealing the core of these personalities' strategies to have become leaders in their fields.
Hilda Maria Fanta-Scheiner, Professor of English, Neuropedagogy and Communication at the University College of Teacher Education, Adj. Professor at Alps-Adriatic University and at University of Applied Sciences, CEO of Institute of Communication for Technical English for Managers.
University College of Teacher Education
Activities to Promote Critical Thinking in ELT
By Deanna Gamel Hochstein
Target: All
Theme: Critical thinking
In this workshop, participants will explore activities and underlying theory as a means of facilitating critical thinking in the ELT classroom. The handout will include demonstration activities as well as a list of web resources.
Deanna Hochstein is a senior member of the faculty of the American English Institute at the University of Oregon. Her most recent focus has been online delivery of teacher training courses including critical thinking and Shaping the Way We Teach English as well as intercultural communication for international students.
University of Oregon
The Links We Often Miss: Teaching Whole Language
By Leandro Paladino
Target: Teachers of All Levels and Ages
Theme: Language Methodology
The temptation is always easy to compartmentalize our job: teaching grammar on the one hand, vocabulary on the other, pronunciation on yet another line. Coursebooks do not always help, as they may fail to focus on linking these areas - let alone on enriching the language-learning process with useful notions from Discourse or Pragmatics. This practical workshop will suggest ways and tasks to teach language as a whole - including games, songs and film. After all, if our coursebook doesn't do the thinking and linking for us, then surely it's up to us to do so?.
Leandro Paladino has been teaching English in Argentina for 20 years, and has run a private EFL school for more than 15. A graduate from Universidad Nacional de La Plata, he is currently writing his thesis for the Master's in English Language with Universidad de Belgrano, Buenos Aires. Leandro teaches English Grammar II and English Language IV in I.S.P. Terrero, La Plata, and he has delivered numerous workshops on areas such as ELT Management, Phonetics and Phonology, and Language Awareness for English professionals.

STORY TIME…a shared & relaxing experience for little kids
By Grace Bertolini
Target: Young learners' teachers
Theme: story telling
Have you ever wondered how to use stories in an effective and creative way with the little ones? This interactive workshop introduces participants to everyday hands-on material, effective techniques and attractive and useful activities to enrich your classes. It highlights the teacher’s baggage of knowledge for Young Learners at the pre-literacy stage. If you are teaching children, and would like to turn your Story Time into a shared experience of fun and relaxed time, don’t miss this session full of ideas and energy!
Grace Bertolini has been involved in EFL teaching for over 25 years as a teacher of all levels and Primary and Kindergarten Headmistress at prestigious bilingual schools. She is lecturing nationwide and abroad on Teaching Young Learners effectively and Handling students conflicts. At present , she is the Head of the English Department of Grupal Educational Trips, with Full Immersion in the Language Programs and Academic Consultant for Peace Education and Compass Publishing.

Institution: Creative Teaching
Ideas that Work
By Omar Fara
Target: Teachers of writing or general English
Theme: Writing methodologies
Classroom activities must have two basic characteristics: they must be an effective tool to introduce or practise the language, and at the same time, they must be motivating so that the students enjoy doing them. Would you like to start the new school year with a pack of challenging, surefire, ready-to-use activities? If your answer is “YES”, come to this workshop and learn how to develop and put into practice activities which not only cater for students of different ages and with different levels of English, but also aim at involving them in situations which will lead them to use the language naturally. During the presentation the participants will work with videoclips, songs and games.
Omar Fara is a graduate from instituto Patagónico del Profesorado de Inglés (IPPI). He has been teaching English for over 20 years. He taught Grammar I at IPPI between 1988 and 1990. Since 1990 he has been the director of Pembroke Lab Centre, an English institute in Trelew, Chubut. He has delivered presentations in Argentina and Uruguay. He is currently doing an MA in English Language with the University of Belgrano. He is also working on materials development and the use of technology in the classroom.
Pembroke Lab Centre.
Authenticity in the EFL Classroom: The Holywood Advantage
By Silvia Laborde
Target: Teachers of children, teens, adults at all levels
Theme: Classroom practices, technology, skill development, authenticity
We might all agree that authenticity is lurking outside the door of any ESL classroom, but not EFL. Does that mean that those of us in EFL contexts should give up on the concept altogether? Certainly not! This workshop will explore how using movies (from DVD and Internet) can help us redefine authenticity in our own unique way by exploiting the Hollywood Advantage.
Lic. Silvia Laborde holds a TEFL degree from Alianza Cultural Uruguay-Estados Unidos, a degree in Education from UCUDAL University, and a postgraduate degree in Educational Management from ORT University. Aside from teaching, her posts have included Materials Writer, Teacher Educator, Methodological and School Coordinator and at present Academic Director of Alianza Pocitos-Punta Carretas. She is a contributor to the TESOL series Authenticity in the Language Classroom and Beyond. She is currently an editor for a professional publication in Asia and a member of the Standards Committee at TESOL International.

Alianza Pocitos-Punta Carretas
Wikis: A Powerful Administrative Tool
By Joshua Belknap & Cynthia S. Wiseman
Target: Program Administrator, Language Lab Directors
Theme: Technology and Administration and Education
Wikis, quick and easy-to-create interactive websites, can provide an important resource for English instructors both in and outside the classroom. Wikis provide a platform for student-interactive reading groups, online English writing and grammar activities for students, printable tutoring materials, and student-generated discussion boards. Wikis also serve as a repository for supplementary materials for teaching and learning that faculty and students can easily access and utilize. The presenters will showcase various examples of interactive wikis and demonstrate how to create these useful websites using free software.
Mr. Joshua Belknap has served as Director of the ESL Language Lab at Borough of Manhattan Community College of City University of New York for 8 years. Using Wikis he has created a rich online resource for the Developmental Skills Department that is used by staff, students, and teachers alike.

Cynthia S. Wiseman, EdD, is Assistant Professor at Borough of Manhattan Community College of City University of New York. She has been using wikis and online instruction in the classroom for the last 13 years.
A Guide to Successful Online/Hybrid Classes
By Deborah Healey
Target: Schools with or considering online and hybrid classes
Theme: Technology in Education
Growing use of the Internet by students brings possibilities and challenges for teachers. Many face-to-face courses have online components, and many schools are offering or considering fully online courses for their students. This session will highlight what teachers should be aware of when adding Internet components to their courses.
Dr. Deborah Healey teaches distance education courses at the University of Oregon. A former Director of Oregon State University's English Language Institute, she is currently Chair of TESOL's Technology Standards Task Force and a contributor to A Handbook for Language Program Administrators. Her doctorate is in Computers in Education.
University of Oregon
Developing emotional intelligence in kids? Really? How?
By Cynthia Goldbarg
Target: Coordinators with little or vast experience and trainers of trainers.
Professional Development/Teacher Training
The IQ (intelligence quotient) ruled the world until the EQ (emotional quotient) took its throne. Now we know that there is a completely different way to be smart - and this one really counts! Can we prepare our children to be emotionally intelligent? Can we develop our own emotional intelligence as adults? Yes to both! Join this session and discover how to get the job done!
Cynthia Goldbarg holds a Master’s Degree in Education Management from the George Washington University and she is the Director of Cynergy Group, a consulting firm specializing in education and leadership. She has extensive experience as a trainer in the United States (over half of her career) and in her native Argentina. She is passionate about inspiring organizations and professionals to strive for excellence; and she has delivered training for teachers, directors, public administrators and officials of foreign governments. Cynthia defines herself as a native argentinian in love with Washington DC, a geek wannabe, a music lover and a lifelong learner.

Institution: Cynergy Group,
ABS International
Disciplina Inteligente
By Laura Lewin
Target: manejo eficaz del aula
Theme: docentes y directivos
¿Pasás más tiempo disciplinando a tus alumnos que enseñando? ¿Querés menos stress en tu aula y en tu vida? ¿Querés alumnos mas motivados y más comprometidos? Entonces esta charla es para vos!
La idea es brindarte herramientas y recursos para mejorar la disciplina en el aula. Y cuando mejora la disciplina…mejora el aprendizaje!
Laura Lewin heads ABS International. She is the President of the Organizing Committee of the International Conference of Professional Development for Teachers of English and Administrators, an event held in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and the USA. She is also the editor of EMO (Educational Management Online), an e-zine that reaches over 98,000 ELT professionals on a monthly basis. Ms Lewin pursued studies in translation in Argentina (UADE) and TESOL in the USA (University of California). She is an internationally recognized consultant and speaker and for the past fifteen years she has been involved in teaching training: she has given workshops for teachers and for ELT Managers in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Greece and USA. Laura has recently been invited by Nova Southeastern University (USA) to deliver online programs, and is writing her first book on educational management.
"Communicating" With Your Students
By Adriana Méndez
Target: ELT Managers and Coordinators
Theme: Communication
Are you a Good Communicator? Do you get your message across appropriately? Are you aware of the enormous impact you have when you teach? Do you know exactly what your communication style is? What about your students'? If you want to know the answers to these questions, come and share this workshop!
Adriana Méndez is a graduate teacher of INSP (Lenguas Vivas) Master Practitioner in NLP ("Primera Escuela de PNL"). Técnico in NLP - Tertiary level degree from ICP (Instituto de Capacitación Profesional). Director of "Adriana Méndez Consultora" devoted to training in English and Human Communication (Spanish and English) since 1989 in leading companies.
Adriana Méndez Consultora
Teaching for Understanding in the EFL Classroom
By Andrea C. Sorondo Pérez & Elena M. García Paullier
Target: Everybody interested Theme: Planning instruction
What does Teaching for Understanding involve? How can we design instruction to promote understanding and student engagement? This presentation will provide opportunities to examine beliefs about teaching and learning, explore meaningful ways to teach EFL and engage in the design of instructional units to promote real understanding in the classroom.
Andrea Sorondo is a graduate English teacher and cooperating teacher who works at Instituto J.M. Campos and Escuela Superior P.Blanes Viale. She is also a P.A.D. (Profesor Articulador Departamental) in Soriano. She has sixteen years teaching experience at secondary schools and has been working on pedagogical orientation since 2008.

Elena García Paullier is a teacher, teacher trainer, and cooperating teacher who works at Liceo Solymar 1, Instituto de Profesores Artigas, and CIARM (Uruguayan Navy). She has coached TfU courses from Harvard Graduate School of Education. She has over 20 years teaching experience at high school and university level.

Institution: Teachers' Pedagogical Network
DELEX (Departamento de Lenguas Extranjeras).
“A Literary Journey into ESL: Fostering Proficiency Through Reading”
By Cynthia S. Wiseman
Target: Teachers of ESL Reading and Writing at all levels
Theme: Reading Literacy
The reading brain is a system of circuitry established through active reading, a challenge in today's e-world even in the L1. The presenters will demonstrate a model for L2 reading groups that establishes synapses of the L2 reading brain through multiple activities, including wikis, online activities, and PPT presentations.
Cynthia S. Wiseman, EdD, has been teaching ESL reading for 35 years at all levels. Her doctoral dissertation focused on assessment of second language writing examining the performance of test-takers. She is interested in the integration of reading and writing in ESL teaching and learning, particularly as it relates to assessment.
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